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Converting a system to the Cloud no matter how big or small, the reality will not be as simple as the way we often think. With knowledge and experience, we have successfully converted many customer systems to the Cloud. Rubicon can completely help you accelerate the conversion with almost 0% downtime and master the Cloud system. Migrating the system to the Cloud is just the beginning of Cloud support. We will continue to help customers plan the way to approach and apply the strengths of Cloud to be able to optimize system architecture and efficiency in operating costs that Cloud brings. Rubicon with many years of experience and Cloud certified engineers are fully capable of supporting important systems such as ERP, CRM, Databases of customers before, during and after the transition to the Cloud.

Commitment to provide to customers

Infrastructure migrations

Experts from Rubicon assist in planning the optimal migration route to the Cloud.


Deploy testing and assess responsiveness in the Cloud.

Data migrations

Gather and mine data efficiently with tools from the Cloud.

Managed Service

We support customers to fully operate the above system by Cloud certified engineers

Cloud-native capabilities

Applying Cloud-native architectures helps customers optimize architecture and operating costs.